Medicine River

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  • Published : April 26, 2006
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Medicine River Chapter 18.

Having now finished the story, i would like to say that my overall impression about the book hasn't changed much, it was still a dry and boring book with a plot line that didn't seem to climax much at all but instead had a steady pace with a litte bump here or there. Many will say that they hated the end of the book but I think the book was ended like that with a certain purpose in mind, to make us think what was this book about and why did it end like this?

Chapter 18 seems to be the resolve of allot of issue without actually every stating the soultions, in life there are no real definite answers either. we get the end result of David and Ray's scuffle, the results of Will and Lousise and the suttle wimper of an end to a mellow yet insigtfully story of discovering true identity through one's memory and past.

I know this respose should be directly about the single chapter 18 but i believe what chapter 18 does for the entire story is more important. we talked in class about expectations of characters and the plot and most agreed that this chapter was a let down to the entire story of the book. I disagree, the chapter ended in a way as to incite a specific thought process, king wants us to think to ourselves what in the hell was the purpose of this book. the answer is simple to know Will, who will is and how his past will affect who he will beocome in the future. We constantly talked about food as being an important factor into wills personality but if we look closer we find it isn't just food that brings these flash backs on; thomas king uses all five senses to promulgate old memories and experiences of will's to the reader such as taste, smell, texture, sight, and orature. these tools as well as the flash backs themselves serve as as way of liiking in to Will's identity and how it is constantly being shaped. Mainly we understand him from the people he encouters, Harlen, Susan, David, James, Clyde, etc... By the end of the...
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