Will the Incentive Plan to Reduce Absenteeism Succeed?

Topics: Communication, Employment, Absenteeism Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: July 24, 2011
Will the incentive plan to reduce absenteeism succeed? Explain your opinion.

No, the incentive plan to reduce absenteeism will not succeed because there are no incentives involved. Employees are taking leave because they may be genuinely sick, or their child may be sick, they may have a doctors’ appointment, so on and so forth. It is an employer’s job to maintain a good working relationship with its employees. USA Motors can achieve the results it desires. How much absenteeism is really under the employee’s control?

There are times when employees are absent and it is for uncontrollable reasons, i.e., their sick, their children are sick, doctors appointments etc., but there are also times when employees are absent which are completely under their control. An example of absenteeism that would be under an employee’s control is if he or she just does not want to come to work or may even be dissatisfied with the job or their co-workers. How can an employer distinguish between and measure controllable and uncontrollable absences? They can not; many times when employees call in sick they may not be sick. That is just the reality of things. The only thing an employer can do to reduce the instance of absenteeism is monitor the time its employees are taking off and put strict guidelines in place to help them determine whether or not the absences are controllable or non- controllable. If the employer requests its employees to bring in a sick note for each incident that they call in sick, the employees may be discouraged to call in sick if they really aren’t sick. If an employee or family member is chronically ill and can only work part- time or maybe not at all, that is considered under the FMLA Act. This Act protects the employee’s jobs if they do have to take an unspecified amount of time off for chronic illnesses. What plan would you recommend to USA Motors? Provide rationale for the plan.

I would recommend a plan that eliminated the paid absence...
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