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Article Review - Presenteeism| October 31
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Garry Johns, “Presenteeism in the workplace: A review and research agenda”, Journal of Organizational Behaviour. 31/519-542 (2010)

Reasons for selecting this article
Presenteeism has different meanings defined by various scholars but a basic definition of it is an employee coming to work while being sick.

Following are the reasons of choosing this article-
1. High cost for companies – Presenteeism is considered to be a major issue in most of the companies in today’s world. Reports show that one of the Europe’s biggest economies – Germany is incurring a cost of around 225 billion Euro per year due to presenteeism. Costs are also high in the United States; presenteeism costs $150 billion per year for the US companies (Hemp, 2004). 2. Good Employer – In today’s competitive world, it is very important for companies to have an image of good employer. Companies are trying to make sure that employees of their organization have a healthy environment. Issues like presenteeism can damage a company’s reputation of being a good employer and can lead to a high attrition rates. 3. Recency of the topic – Presenteeism is a relatively new topic when compared to absenteeism (which is considered to be opposite of presenteeism). Although, it has historically recieved attention in the management sciences, presenteeism has only recently found a place in the research literature.

Summary (Main theme, concpets and findings of the article) – Absenteeism, i.e. not showing up for work, has been the subject of much research to date. In contrast, presenteeism, defined as showing up for work when one is ill has only recieved interest in recent years, with research suggesting that it might cause more aggregate productivity loss than absenteeism. Consequences of chronic presenteeism may include effects on downstream health status, job...
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