Bus/210 Appendix D

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Appendix D

Contingency Theory of Leadership

|Description of work environment | | | |The work environment is a Large Daycare Center with a few classroom and age groups | | |ranging from infancy to 5th grade. | | | | | | | | | |

In the table below, categorize different leadership approaches that could be used in the work environment you have described. Provide different suggestions for each of the four approaches to leadership.

|Directive approach |Supportive approach | |Inform the new employees of all the rules and regulations, go |Be friendly and humorous while going over all the rules and | |over employee handbook with them, go over how scheduling works, |regulations with new employees. Explain to them how scheduling | |and directly linking incentives with work performance. |works and inform them the best ways they can ask for days off. | | |Empathize with them, allow feedback. | |Inform all new clients of all the rules regulations, when | | |payments are due, late charge fees, etc. Keep a strictly |Inform all new clients how the...
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