Will Smith Accomplishments

Topics: Horse, Wild horse, Mother Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Teah Kellum
Group 4
1) I think that Pasty will continue to ride and train horses and Pasty mother will get better and continue to work to get money for her family. 2b) Pasty reason for spending time there change because his mother is ill because at first he was there to train the horses and started getting paid a little amount of money the his mother got sick so he started racing so he can get a bigger amount of money to pay a doctor to cure his mom. 3b) the problems faced by Pasty and his mother is that they were poor little money coming in and she got sick so Pasty had to go get a job to help pay for a doctor for his mother. 4b) Pasty decision to ride a wild horse is a good decision because if he didn’t ride the wild horse his mother could have died from a disease.


1.Pasty Barnes-Dynamic Character- His mother is ill so he go get a job to keep money in the house to pay for a doctor to help pay for a doctor. 2. The Doctor-Static Character-The doctor doesn’t change or he doesn’t change or learn anything.

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1. Pam is resolute about trying out for the team.
2. With a permit, Liz was parked legitimately.
3. Uniforms are compulsory in that private school.
4. Chris’s lavish meal was meager for ten people.
5. Nobody is afraid of immortality.
6. Wendy’s diplomatic comment made Jay feel bad.
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