Topics: The Pillar, Greatest hits, The Bond Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: October 19, 2011
1.The film Mulan taught us, that the family relationship grows stronger or weaker depending on the honour that is given by the child. When Mulan, got turned down by the matchmaker, her bond with her father and mother got weak, but when Mulan returned from the war, and brought the home the Emperor's pendant and the Hun's sword , the bond between her parents and her got stronger. In Ancient China, they believed, that if you worshipped, the families ancestors, that would bring good luck upon them.

Quiet: Not exited or anxious. Very calm and peaceful
Demure: Overly modest
Polite: To be courteous, obedient, gentle, genial and kind
Delicate: Slight, beautiful, fit, lovely and graceful.
Refined: Freed from impurities or alloy. Is purified, cultured and delicate. Poised: To be in full control of your faculties.
Punctual: Acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed.

Girls should follow all these quality’s these days because most girls are the exact opposite. Most girls who are Mulan�80�s age are nearly always disruptive, disobedient and disrespectful. They lie most of the time, are never on time and never appreciates anything. These are why I think these are good qualities girls should aspire.

3. Mulan, obeyed and also disobeyed with the pillar of responsibility. She obeyed it by doing her best. When she was a war, she did her best at everything. An example of this was when, she had to climb the pole with the two weights on her wrists. She kept trying and trying, to get to the top, and in the end she did. She also disobeyed the pillar of responsibility at times too. One time she did was when she preteneded she was a boy, and didnt think before she acted. Because she didnt think before she acted, she could have been beheaded by the prince.

4. Mulan shouldnt have let her father, as sick as he was to go to war. Mulan's father was so sick, that when he was practicing, he was struggling and fell. This showed that Mulans father was very sick, and if...
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