Why I Want to Pursue an Emba

Topics: Human capital, Higher education, Further education Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Why I Want To Pursue An EMBA
My desire to seek further education by pursuing an EMBA programme has been influenced by a number of reasons and compelling factors. These factors include almost others Job security, Personal development, Networking and to acquire the necessary skills to setup a consulting business in IT in the near future. With the ever growing challenges that face businesses every day in the new global world, employers have over the years repositioned the human resource as Human Capital. With this change in paradigm from the tradition one that I was used too, employers have started placing higher premium on their human capital and tend to attach more value to the resource that has the requisite skills that will serve their interest, not only in today but in the future as well. To retain ones value as far as the employer is concerned, one has to seek continuous education and acquire skills that will increase, so to speak "your Human capital value". I also believe the mind is one of man's greatest assets which should not be allowed to go to waste. Acquiring knowledge through education, can serve as a catalyst for achieving ones dreams and aspirations. Completing an EMBA has also become a necessary milestone in one’s personal development goals. Having had the opportunity to interact with previous Graduates of UGBS, I have come to appreciate that after going through the rigorous programme, the benefits and the transformation are evident and a sense of personal accomplishment is felt after going through an EMBA programme with the UGBS. Another key element that pursuing an EMBA programme will afford me is access to a rich pool of Professions, who skills and assistance may be required in the near future. It is in this vein that one has to enrol in an EMBA programme that will provide the best networking opportunities. Good networking could serve as a competitive advantage in future dealings and in my view, very necessary today and future business...
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