Strategic Management Audit Template

Pages: 4 (1046 words) Published: April 10, 2013
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Human capital is considered an organization’s core competency and source of competitive advantage, thus strategic management of human assets is critical particularly in knowledge-intensive industries. Translating human assets to sustainable competitive advantage is challenged with management dilemmas, Employee mobility puts firms in the position of not only losing their competitive advantage but also enabling their competition, given the transfer of the human assets to either established competitors or to ‘spinouts’ (i.e., entrepreneurial ventures created by ex employees) So the following questions are critical in the strategic management of human capital: “What types of employees are most likely to leave, what types of firms are they most likely to join” To answer these questions, the article developed theoretical rationale for employee mobility and entrepreneurship decisions In this article context, the core asset refers to the human capital i.e the focal employee who is at risk of exit, while the complementary assets relate to the other human and nonhuman resources and capabilities (e.g., other employees, routines, opportunities, physical assets, intellectual property, etc.) that are provided by the firm for the creation of value The employee’s ability to recreate or transfer the complementary assets affects employees’ decisions to stay, create a new venture, or join another established firm. The article researched the legal services industry—a professional services sector where human assets are critical for the creation and appropriation of value and tested the predictions about who leaves, where they go, and the impact of the mobility events on source firm performance At the firm level, we find that employee moves to a spin-out have a larger adverse impact on source firm performance than employee moves to established firms, even...
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