Why I Am Attending Chattanooga State College

Topics: Certified Nursing Assistant, Comma splice, Academic degree Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: October 8, 2015
As a young teenager graduating from high school over 17 years ago, I had always vision myself attending a university and pledging in a sorority. However, things didn’t go according as plan. I got caught up in this world called life and became very content not noticing that the life I had always dreamt of for myself was passing me by. Although, I received my Certified Nursing Assistant licensed back in 2001, I knew this wasn’t the career path that I wanted to stay in. I attended Chattanooga State twice before, yet I never finished. I’m an individual that always procrastinate and seems to start things but never finished. As a result of this, I feel that now is the right time for me to attend Chattanooga State. Attending Chattanooga State now will help me improve my career, lead by example and most of all prove to myself that I for once I can accomplish and finish something.

I’ve been a (CNA) Certified Nursing Assistant for 14 years. Over the years I have come encounter with a variety of people in this field. [Do you mean "I have encountered"?] Most of the people I’ve crossed paths with have always encourage me to go back to school. Although, I love working with the elderly and helping others, I know that I have to make bigger moves if I want more than just being a CNA. I’ve notice other great professions around me in this field and that if I want to boost my income then I would most defiantly have to improve my career path. By attending Chattanooga State I know that it could help improve and increase career opportunities. There’s a job for everyone, however I feel that with a college degree I would have more and better opportunities with a degree. For example, an employer has to decide between two candidates for a job position. Even though, both candidates have the same skills, qualifications and experience but only one candidate can be chosen for the job .In addition to this, if one of the candidate have a college degree most likely the employer will choose the...
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