Why Was There a Civil War in England in 1642?

Topics: Charles I of England, English Civil War, England Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Why was there a civil war in England in 1642?

In 1642, an English Civil War broke out. This was a battle between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. This will be an essay giving information on the long term and short term causes for the English Civil War. I will be dividing the long term causes into the economic, religious and political causes and I will also include short terms causes towards the end of the essay.

From 1625-1649 Charles I believed that kings got their power from God and that they must be obeyed; just like his father, James I. This cause, I have chosen, is probably one of the most important causes and that it is like the main route for the rest of the causes. 1629-1640 Charles I spent a lot of money on himself; he liked paintings and expensive clothes. Because of this he lost some money because most of it was wasted for his own pleasure. I have chosen this cause to be one of the most important causes, because personally I think this is like the second route for the rest of the causes; e.g. the bronchi then lead to the bronchioles. Later on, (1633), Charles I made William Laud the Archbishop of Canterbury. But there was a problem, Laud did not like Puritans! Laud changed the Church of England services by introducing the statues, music and the candles that the Puritans hated. In 1637, Laud’s changes were forced on the Scottish church; many Scots were Puritans. The Scottish then attacked England in 1639 because they disagreed with the religious changes that were made. Battles cost a lot of money but because Charles had no money, he introduced, in 1635, a special tax, to the people, called ‘Ship Money’; there was a rule that anyone who didn’t pay was to be put in prison. This didn’t work enough so he decided to call back the Parliament, in 1640, to borrow some money to fight the Scots, but of course they didn’t let him, because from 1629-1640 he decided to rule the country without the Parliament. In the 1630s, the Earl of Strafford,...
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