How Far Was Charles Different from His Father in His Beliefs Character and Attitudes?

Topics: Charles I of England, James I of England, Monarch Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: March 24, 2013
James and Charles were considerably different in their beliefs and attitudes. James was a confident and extravagant king and Charles was ill at ease and lacked confidence. During Charles early years he suffered from a combination of poor health and lack of parental affection. When he moved to England after James's take over in 1603 he grew up very much in the shadow of his physically strong, outgoing elder brother Prince Henry who was in next in line. It was not until Henry's death in 1612 that people began to take notice of him. As a result of his ill treatment, he never expected to become king they found he was a shy and extremely ill-at-ease. His childhood left a mark on Charles's behaviour as king. Like James he was a believer in the divine right of kings. Unlike James, he was absolutist and tried to put it into practice. Given his belief in divine right, he saw all parliaments privileges as being subject to the approval of the monarch, not as liberties that had existed without the judgement of the monarch. Also unlike James He saw all criticism and anyone who questioned him as disloyal. An example of these in combination is when Charles I dissolved parliament because he was being criticized by Parliament as he felt he didn't need them as long as he could avoid war. This began the 11 year period known as the Personal Rule where he ran the country through royal prerogative instead of in cooperation with parliament. James on the other hand was very different. James' was a confident, well educated man who loved being extravagant and spending money on himself and his favourites. James was a believer in the divine right of kings but he was not absolutist he recognised that he had to consider parliaments views. As he was in debt, he needed them to raise subsidies to fund his extravagant life. For example although this didn’t go through On July 16th 1610 in the Great Contract parliament offered James £180,000 to buy James feudal rights James recognised his...
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