Why Teenagers Act Violently

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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Thesis statement: The violence among teenagers occurred due to several factors such as having a history of being abused, violence in media and alcohol and drug use. BODY PARAGRAPH 2
Topic sentence: Some teenagers have a history of being hurt or abused by someone. Supporting detail 1: As a result, they tend to act violently as a form of revenge for what they have been through. Example 1: Zahid in the story The Pencil was bullied and became a bully himself. Supporting detail 2: Teenagers who are violently treated think it is okay for them to treat others the way they are treated. Example 2: These teenagers settle their problems by using their fists rather than words and wisdom. BODY PARAGRAPH 3

Topic sentence: Uncontrollable violence exposed in mass media causes violence among teenagers. Supporting detail 1: Television shows extreme violence as a form of entertainment causes teenagers to feel the need to imitate the actions. Example 1: The television broadcast WWE triggers the sense of hostility in the teenager resulting them to become violent. Supporting detail 2: The Internet plays an important part in spreading violence among teenagers. Example 2: YouTube is one of the famous video sites that offers all kinds of videos including the ones that shows violence. BODY PARAGRAPH 4

Topic sentence: Alcohol and drug use contribute to violent actions. Supporting detail 1: Teenagers tend to act violently under the influence of alcohol because at that time, they are not in their right mind. Example 1: At parties, teenagers usually end up fighting because they have been drinking. Supporting detail 2: Teenagers who involve in drugs would do anything to get money to buy drugs. Example 2: Drug-addict teenagers are willing to harm the people around them for drugs. CONCLUSION

Concluding sentence: Thus, everyone should take part by playing their role in order to help these troubled teenagers to overcome their problems.
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