The Impact of Violent Media on Children

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The Impact of Violent Media on Children

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Title: The Impact of Violent Media on Children
Thesis Statement: Psychologists found that watching television is the single factor most closely associated with aggressive behavior.

I. Introduction

II. Description of Violent Media
A. History
B. Forms of Media
1. Lyrics
2. Television
3. Video Games

III. Exposure to Violent Media
A. Violent Video Games Exposure
B. Violent Lyrics Exposure
C. Violent Shows/Advertisements Exposure
D. Juvenile Aggression
1. Cases Related to Media Violence
2. Theories Related To Media Violence
3. Factors Interacting with Youth

IV. Effects of Violent Media
A. Social Effects
B. Psychological Effects

V. Effective Ways in Trampling Media
A. Methods on Approaching Children
B. Government Policies to Benefit Children Viewers
C. Parental Guidance
1. Curbing Children’s Television Habits

VI. Conclusion

I. Introduction
Children would likely develop their violent characters from watching violent medias such as televisions, radios, video games, and magazines. According to the article “The Psychological Effects of Violent Media on Children” by Aimee Tompkins, there are three main impacts of bad medias. First, they become less aware to the hurt and sorrows of other people. Second, they would be more afraid of their environment. And lastly, they would be more argumentative. Although surveys say that harmful video games can make children become more quarrelsome to others, a few parents and psychologists believe that some kids gain some good things from it.

The researchers of the paper believe that watching violent media either brings good or bad effects to children, depending on how...
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