Why Students Cheat

Topics: Seven deadly sins, Time, Cheating Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Why Students Cheat?
By: Quennie P. Sigue
In religion, the Church believed that cheating is one of the seven capital sins, for it is an immoral way of achieving success. It is often done by students, who think that studying is an easy stage of life, that it‘s merely attending classes without any hard work and sacrifice. Yet, cheaters have always reasons why they prefer to do this which can also affect their own selves.

Nowadays, there are students who usually do cheating during examinations and quizzes. Honestly, I’ve known some who sometimes did this and even caught them in the act. Yet, I think that’s already normal in this sophisticated society, that’s why I just sometimes tolerate this. Students unhesitatingly do cheating, because most of the time it’s truly beneficial for them. It’s believed that examination is the best measure of one’s intellectual capacity, so they cheat to prove it. And in return, they may increase their reputation in school. Also, others are not prepared for the examination, so they cheat in order to pass and have good grades later on. Aside from that, there’s we called “saving oneself”, the desire to avoid angry assault of a parent or a teacher. So, they cheat in order to avoid embarrassment and criticism. Another thing, sometimes environment may also be a great cause, when everybody in the class is doing it and the teacher is very tolerant about it. For the sake of not staying behind, they do so. Lastly, if teachers are not able of spotting out cheaters, then students absolutely grab the opportunity. And good score is the assurance.

To sum it up, there are factors that encourages students to cheat that can also affect something to their own selves. We can’t deny the fact that most of the time, cheating is much beneficial to students, especially in their academic performance. But, it’s not considerable thing for it’s still immoral.
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