Cheating College Students

Topics: Mobile phone, Academic dishonesty, Cheating Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: May 29, 2011
Why College Students Cheat
Justin Bent
Keiser University
Breanna Robbins
English Composition 1

Why College Students Cheat

Grades, rather than education have become more important to students. Students are feeling a great deal of pressure to succeed in college; so that they can land that terrific job. With saying all of that, the rate of college students cheating has been increasing every year. There are several forms of cheating that take place; from going old school and writing the answers on your body; to todays’ technology such as cell phones and cameras. Cheating with students has increased over the years and nothing has been done to stop it. Everyday students in this world grow lazier and lazier and begin to neglect their school work. Academic cheating is defined as representing someone else’s work as your own. It can take many forms, including sharing another’s work, purchasing a term paper or test questions in advance, or paying another to do the work for you (

Students with all types of majors cheat, Medical students, Engineering students, Business and even Law students. A Rutgers professor did a study on different fields of majors and students to find out how many students would actually admit to cheating. 56 percent of business students cheat; engineering students took 54 percent and law students only had 47 percent. He discovered that law students, although they don’t cheat the most, have the best reason to. "The stakes are much higher for law students," McCabe says. "There's a fear you may not be able to take the bar exam after having spent these three years in law school”. (Gravers, L.)

In todays’ world, technology has made cheating much easier. Students use their cell phones to text students outside of the exam room to obtain the answers. As well as texting, students also take pictures with their cell phones of the material they are studying and use them during the exam.

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