Why Students Are Frustrated

Pages: 12 (4428 words) Published: January 28, 2011
ccording the survey PAKISTAN has the population of 1.8 billion. More then 50% of our population is consisting of youngsters. The future of Pakistan and the people who would take Pakistan further ahead in the development and progress in all fields is none other than our “Youth”. Being a young and energetic man or women we have a certain goals in our life which he or she peruses in their life. The hopelessness and frustration build up when there is no opportunity in education and then in the job hunt are not being offered to them. It’s said by many intellectuals that if a country have large number of youngsters in their population then no body can stop that country to gain the success. this sentence is totally match with the PAKISTAN but now a days our youngsters is going far away from many thing e.g. study, ethics, politeness, sharpness, justice and much more. Who is responsible for all of this? Today the main problem is that why students is so much frustrated from the study. Why they should not want to get education. Following are the some reason of this issue. Higher cost of studies

Higher cost of studies is the main problem in making the students frustrated. Today all he universities are giving education in big amount of money. Parents are so much conscious that how their babies got education. Those who afford to get study in LUMS, GKI, IBA, ETC are more likely to end up having good jobs always up their sleeves. On the other hand more sharp students which go their study in lower ratings universities facing problems to get a good start. When our youngsters see all of this they become frustrated from the study that there is no chance to get education. All education universities are open to give education not to get only money but now days all universities became only money oriented. That why students is going far away from study. Joblessness

The second main problem is the joblessness in the country. Unemployment is found every where in PAKISTAN. According to the survey the unemployment rate in Pakistan is 15.2%.more than 25% of our population is living below the poverty line. In this situation how a student can give full attention on the study. Our youngsters is so much tensed about their future that why they are frustrating from the study.

No career counseling
In Pakistan there is no system of career counseling. Students don’t know what to do. in short we can say that there is no proper guide line system in our country as well as no proper guide line by our elders. They are just making money to ensure their future of kids bright. That is the big issue now days. Students don’t understand what to do. If a student is very sharp in the field of engineering he goes in the field of commerce. So the career counseling is so much important for the students. This is the main problem that our students are going far away from study. NO JUSTICE

In this country there is no justice system. People are so far away from their rights. no one is able to take action against the Govt.when the students see all of this that there is no justice system in their country they become frustrated students. In this country a man who is applicable for the post can not get that post because in this country reference system is exist. Flossier and intellectuals said right person at the right place in the key to success but in this country there is vice versa. Referencing

In PAKISTAN there is a system of referencing. In short we can sat that wrong person at right place or right person at wrong place. if a student goes for the interview after having completed its study then in the interview the 1st question is tell us about your reference. That’s why students are so much frustrated from the study. students can gets 100% attention when they knows that after competing their study there is a high chance of employment but in this country everything is preplanned by high officials that nobody can get job without references. In our army this system...
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