Causes of Indiscipline in Schools

Topics: Education, Adolescence, Teacher Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Jovone Blagrove
April__, 2013
Communication Skills
Sam Sharpe Teachers College
Discuss three of the main factors contributing to indiscipline in schools by pupils.

School indiscipline has been, over time, an issue of concern for educators and we can even state that it has become a huge concern among educators. Nowadays most children believe in having things in one way and one way only their own. Indiscipline is rampant in society today, where it is the parents who seem more afraid of their children rather than the other way around. Indiscipline however from my point of view begins from the home. Indiscipline therefore is a behavioral disorder that is classified as an act of delinquency. Just like, lying, stealing and playing truant.

Firstly, one cause is that of poor teaching. Usually a teacher who makes more of an effort to connect with the pupils is more likely to gain their attention. But reading in a monotone from a text book before telling the pupils to get on with some task in their books is just asking for the paper planes to take flight and shouting across the classroom. In other words, they get restless.

Secondly, I think one major factor is our fast developing society. Most parents have to work and are not able to give enough time to their children. And our education system is too examination oriented, i.e. the objectives of our academic institution is mainly to produce results that meets the needs of the society instead of individual development. Teenagers of nowadays are carried away by what media projects in front of them. They tend to imitate their idols and behave according to their peer groups. Television and internet tend to project an image of the modern teenager as a “funky”, carefree and independent one. This influences negatively our students.

Thirdly, another factor that contributes to the adolescents indulge in indiscipline is that there is a sense of ‘laisser aller’ that is prevailing. Many students who indulge in...
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