Why Student Shouldn't Have Relationship with Opposite Sex Before Time?

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  • Published : December 4, 2010
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Why student shouldn’t have relationship with opposite sex before time?

Once I asked myself, what kind of relationship I really want, when I have someone walking to my life. Of course if this happens my life will change a lot, in both good way and bad way. Mostly it depends our own way of thinking and the person when we met. It is like two sides of a coin because it still affects me no matter how good the relationship is, coming together at the same time.

It will surely affect our study. To maintain the relationship We need to take more time to spend with our girl friend or boy friend and we often cut it out from our study time so the big problem arises. It just like what the adults always say that if you gain one thing you will lose the other. For this case we gain girl friends but we lost our study which is really important for us.

Our society will change. The relationship will affect a lot to you your society such as family friends and everyone that involve with you. Usually we spend most of the school time with friends but if you have a relationship your time will totally change. Instead of spending time with friends, you need to give that time to your girl friend. Therefore, you will be distant from your friends

We might lose contact with all of our friends. It is a gigantic affect that will follow after that. Losing friends isn’t a small problem, but for some couple they might leave their friends because they think that their girl or boy friend is better. I imagine myself in future that if I don’t have girl friends, who should I talk to or spend time with. So in that situation a friend is really important because we might think of suicide or doing a bad think to ourselves, friends are just like consultant, they can really help us in many time. Most of the couple didn’t think this way it is a fact that I known.

Look back to someone; I notice that it can make you to be a different person. I know some case that instead of spend time with society...