Monogomous Relationship vs. Casual Relationship

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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New classes, new books, new cloths and even new people. Well, it all says something about college but the most obvious change is the new lifestyle college has to offer. Nothing can prepare freshmen for the taste of life the moment they step foot in the campus of they’re desire. Sure it comes with its perks but everything has a “catch” nonetheless and that’s where relationships play its part. There are two main types of relationship among students and that is monogamous and casual relationship. Monogamous relationship is defined as being loyal to a single partner at a time. Whereas casual relationship is the opposite, a person involved in a casual relationship might have many partners or just one which is not serious. Relationships in the past used to be monogamous but as time passes, casual relationships are becoming more popular. But these choices are affected financially, mentally and physically. Based on the financial aspect, both monogamous and casual relationships have similarities. Because nowadays, when we set foot out of the house we contribute to the economy. The amount of money spent depends on the social status of the couple in a relationship. According to a research done by ‘That Money Show’, an average teenager spends approximately 100 dollars a week. Since it’s a couple, then an average couple spends more than 200 dollars per week which is a large sum of cash for some teens without any after-college jobs. Another fact is that both of these types of relationship require the couple to have a certain amount of money to survive. So financial wise, both kinds of relationship don’t vary in a large scale. While financially, both relationships are similar, health wise, there are clear differences. Point in case, couple’s whom practice monogamous relationship is more likely to only be sexually active with their partner. According to ‘The Utah Statesman’, when people have unprotected sex, especially with multiple partners, the risk of them getting...
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