Why School Is Important

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  • Published : August 4, 2013
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Topic: Joys that we find in school

“You can leave things, skip things and even ignore things but not school”


Why is school so important? Well, asking most of the adult, they would just say “off course it’s important, since that’s the place where you get your knowledge that’s where you would be educated!” They say such words and students may also say “school is equal to paper works, deadlines, reports, projects and test. It gives me wrinkle even at my age wherein I’m supposed to be enjoying my school life”, but that you may got it the other way around. The obvious thing is that school give student like us; problems, head aches and such that students may compare it to something that’s out of hand, but it may actually be the other way around, school is also our leisure place and some students say that it’s where they are the happiest.

School teaches us to socialize, to be responsible and a whole lot more. Here we find different kinds of people to whom lets us experiences different emotions like romance, friendships, enemies, betrayals, relationships, surviving, reputation, joy, sadness, broken hearts, academic, status, sports, temptations, rules, regulations, intimidation and all the words that comes into one’s head.

With this emotions, feeling the empty space, one can improve ones self. Because of the establishment of schools, things like these are being experienced more.

Students spend their time mostly in school, concern themselves more in school, interact more in school. All of these things are made possible due to the existence of school. In a house, one may feel relaxed but will you be contented with just that?
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