School Life

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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The majority of grown-ups consider their school years to be the happiest and the most joyful days of their life. They say, that their school life differs much from the university life and adult life. This period is always associated with various pleasant memories. As for me, school is my reality, so I can be more objective speaking about school life.

I'd like to begin with the advantages of being a schoolchild. During this period of time, we experience emotional and mental development. Learning new things we become smarter, develop our mind and imagination. Of course, it's very important to have experienced and understanding teachers who love and respect us although we are not always brilliant pupils. I believe that the teacher's task is not only to encourage children to study well but to prepare them for adult life. No doubt, the most exiting thing in school life is friendship. School is the place where we make our first friends and study to built relationships.

As for the disadvantages of school life they do exist. Lots of children say that they hate school, and they never want to go there. Reasons are multiple. Some lessons are really boring. We spent too much time studying and doing homework and we practically have no time for sports, hobbies and friends. Then, I don't often feel comfortable with my teachers. Some of them are often angry with me. They don't understand that I work hard and just can't do better!

In conclusion I'd like to say that school should teach us several things: to work hard, to communicate with people and to apply our knowledge to practical life.
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