Why Property Damage Is Not Good

Topics: Core issues in ethics, The Mistake, Good and evil Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Why Property Damage is Not Good

Now what have we learned from our actions? Truth is, we all learn from our mistakes. No matter how dumb the mistake is or how little. By every mistake a person makes, it makes him a better person the next day. Why? Because it is just the way us humans are. We learn from our mistakes. Damaging other’s property was my lesson. I can see that those actions had gained me nothing. They did not make me any cooler, they did not make me feel like a better person. All this action has gotten me is the consequences. But we all had done something dumb like this, at some point in our lives. There is no such thing as a human being that has not done anything wrong in his life. If you claim to have nothing done wrong, or selfish or just stupid, then you are a liar.

Let me put myself in the shoes of the victim. I know how I felt when my house got egged, once. I did not feel very good, in fact I was aggravated. I wished to know who had done it. I wish I could have gotten the authorities involved. But that would be useless with not enough to go on tracking the person who ever was responsible. In my case, my victim, the person who’s property I damaged was lucky to have followed us and get our information, enough information to get the authorities involved. I mean that is 1 to 10 ratio to catch the one responsible for the property damaged. I would not call myself unlucky in this situation, if could use any word to describe myself it would be “wrong”.

But then come in the consequences. Those few little minutes, because of my immature behavior had caused me a punishment. A punishment I deserve, of course, but not worth it. Why if I would have been smarter, I would be sitting here writing this essay, for one. Sure I respect my punishment. And I will take it. I understand I deserve it. I just hope in the future, me or many others will think twice before engaging in foolish activities such as that. I mean even though I wasn’t physically...
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