Speeding Is Illegal

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  • Published : April 14, 2006
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During the duration of my life I have been in many different motor vehicles, mostly being a passenger. But now as I have come of age, I am allowed to be the driver and with that there comes responsibility, such as obeying the speed limit. Just a little over a year ago a close friend of min died in a horrific car accident. My friend Mathew Zeller died wile driving home from the Jefferson valley mall. It was around 6:00pm and it was very rainy outside, and the roads where wet. As he was coming around a bend his car swerved out of control and into the other lane and was struck by a large truck. The report said he died instantly when the truck hit on the drivers side of the car. One of the saddest parts of this story is he wasn't even breaking the law he wasn't speeding or anything. Now to think that death can just come from going the speed limit, speeding could cause much worse.

Part of being a human being is learning from our mistakes. It is a natural process that we all experience at various periods of our lives. For instance, throughout the process of learning how to solve mathematics problems, the only method is to practice solving the problems. During this process of solving the problems, it is only natural to make mistakes. By comparison, in life in general, the only way to learn to become a better person is by correcting the mistakes that were previously experienced. During the past sixteen years of my life, I have learned many lessons as a result of primarily making mistakes. My mother always told me to obey the speed limit because one day I will unexpectedly have to pay the price. Not only could I kill myself by speeding, I could kill other innocent people that could have been involved.

Imagine driving on 684 as cars race by you at a blink of an eye. You are driving 60 miles per hour, the speed limit; they must be doing 100 miles per hour or more. This is not an illusion; this is the reality of driving on a highway. Believe it, it happens everyday....
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