Driving Statistics in Utah

Topics: Text messaging, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: March 22, 2013
In the statistics I read, I found that in every category there was “speeding too fast”. Obviously that is a problem in Utah. In my experience with drivers, I have noticed that many people speed and don’t even realize that they are doing so. I think that speeding is a problem because so many people die from it. On the page it stated that “15.2%” of people die from speeding and that “14.7%” of teens die from speeding. I will admit that it is shocking that those percentages are so high. I didn’t expect that many deaths from just going to fast in a car. It has brought new light into my mind that people need to be more aware of how fast they go. Another thing that really took me by surprise is the percentages of overcorrections. The deaths in people are “7.9%” and teens are “8.8%”. Those percentages are lower than I had expected them to be. In my own life, I have had a number of people dear to my heart die from overcorrection. I am not saying that there should be more, but that I have noticed more deaths from overcorrections than speeding, running of the road, or failure to keep in proper lane. It is a dangerous thing that is deadly and shows that it is important to be aware of your actions. On the Top Five Reasons Teens Crash on Utah Highways, I noticed that it says “Driver Distraction 7.5%”. I wondered if that included texting and assumed it did. I’m guessing that the majority of those crashes were because of texting. There are so many people who don’t realize that it is a huge distraction and looking away for a few seconds, can make a difference. In my own life I have seen many teens around my age texting and driving and thinking it doesn’t matter when it really does. One text message could make the difference.
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