Why People Work

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  • Published : January 29, 2011
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When you ask people why they work, a lot of them will say that they work for money. People usually work to get the things that they need to live. Sometimes money is the only reason why people work. Once, for example, I asked my mother why she works despite it being hard. She said that she can get personal satisfaction through working. Also, she works to perform rewarding and meaningful activities. In addition, she works for companionship. I think that my mother is an example of why people work for more substantial reasons besides money. She told me that she can get personal satisfaction through working. She has been working as waitress for a long time. She told me that when she does a good service, the customers thank her with smiles and praise for her work. Also, I think that the more she does good service, the more the manager needs her. She feels like a useful person through her labor. I think that being considered as a useful person makes her happy; thus, she can find pleasure within her work. She also works to perform rewarding and meaningful activities. In my opinion, work is an essential part of life for all human beings. People have been working since ancient times. People need some physical and mental exercise for a healthy life. Therefore, if she goes without work she becomes bored and cannot live an actively. Working helps her to keep herself busy and active. Besides, by working she sees herself as a useful and important part of the society. She works for companionship. Through working, she has a good chance to meet other people and to communicate with them. She said that it gives her energy through meeting various kinds of people. She also said that communicating with people who are younger than her makes her feel younger and happy. Another reason why my mother enjoys her work is because of her friends, who work at the same place as her. Socializing with other people is a good example of why people would be more interested in working for reasons...
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