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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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The statement in question is highlighting arears pertaining to the classical view of work. In this essay i will be discussing the different alternatives of viewing work and how meaningful work, together with employers and their employees, can rather be achieved through mutual cooperation. Classical View

Joseph Desjardins states that there are three definitions which explain the meaning of work. Those are a job, career and a calling. (Desjardins,J. 2009). The meaning of work varies from person to person but it can either mean nothing than merely what it is like a job would define or it could mean something more of a “morally inseparable” (Desjardins,J. 2009) meaning such as a calling would supply. The statement made in the essay topic suggest a classical view of work where they believe that work is rather a “necessary evil” which keeps us away from enjoying and achieving true value in work. Value in work can be differentiated between “Instrumental value” which is a way to get hold of goods so with regards to work, it has instrumental value because when you work you receive certain goods or benefits such as money, internet usage, friends etc. and that can only be obtained in work. The second meaning of value in work is “Intrinsic value” which is something that has value in itself. Therefore according to the definition of work being, “a means to attaining an income and, through that income, many other ends that we need and desire.”(Desjardins,J. 2009) The problem with the classical view is the fact that even though work does have instrumental value, that instrumental value can be broken down to work enabling us to earn money, achieve psychic goods such as adventure and satisfaction and then social goods such as reputation and mutual respect. I will admit that there are some types of work which do not allow you to find any meaning in them and which do not have intrinsic value but it does not mean that employees therefore do not have a right to have meaningful...
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