Work Is a Source of Satisfaction and Joy for Individuals

Topics: Management, Employment, Work Pages: 7 (2130 words) Published: October 17, 2010

In this essay, I am going to argue that work can certainly be a source of satisfaction and joy for individuals. Throughout Section One of the essay, I will be referring to Rosen (1988), Ackoryd and Crowdy (1990) and Knights et al (1982), by introducing some of the possible reasons why individual work. Additionally in Section Two of the essay, I will explore the positive aspects relating to work and how these aspects can play a part in relations to the individuals emotionally, physically and mentally, by drawing upon Jackall (1988), Rosen (1988), Ackroyd and Crowdy (1990), Knights and Roberts (1982) and Jackson and Carter (2000). Furthermore in Section Three of the essay, I will draw upon Jackall (1988), Ackroyd and Crowdy (1990), and Morgan (2006) to illustrate the source of dissatisfaction, suffering, anxiety, subordination and domination that may also describe the experience of work for managerial and non-managerial employees alike. In summarising my overall arguments in the Conclusion, I will reference Noon and Blyton (1997), Jackall (1988) and Rosen (1988) by illustrating, that work can certainly be a source of satisfaction and joy for individuals.

Why Individuals Work

Within today’s fast paced environment, the need to work is highly important. Not only does work provide the individual with self satisfaction and joy, but it also relates heavily on the character of the individual while at work, and away from work. As Ackroyd and Crowdy (1990) state, being employed is highly essential and an inevitable part of an individual’s life. It is evident that work provides the individual not only with the income to live by, but it also in many ways, adds value, social belief, social relations and respect to the individual life. In my opinion individuals are required to work, otherwise they are depicted as invisibles. For the people who do work, they undertake different type of employment, some work as sole traders and others work under organisation. As Noon and Blyton (1997) state, the two fundamental aspects of work are to earn money and survive, through the money earned and not given.

Apart from earning money, for many individuals the need to work in order to fulfil career goals and ambitions is their number one priority along with supporting their family. However in order to work towards their goals and make ends meet, individuals in most cases work eight hours a day, and in some instances work overtime by spending long nights behind the desk in order to meet specified deadlines and targets. As individuals we all have different needs, wants and most of all we all have varied opinions on work, whether they are positive opinions or negative opinions. In simple terms, for most individuals their mentality is that working is a major aspect and helping hand in shaping an individual career. As Rosen (1988) illustrates, society expects us to work, in order to help the society in return. This strongly suggests that by working, individuals construct a meaning for themselves, instead of believing that they live in a meaningless world in which no one cares about each other. Furthermore Knights and Roberts (1982) also add that working gives an individual a sense of purpose in developing themselves and connecting to others and building valuable contacts along the way. Thus communication and socialising with other employees through work is highly important, as this further enhances the individual’s relationship through via the social context, whether it is before work interaction or after work interaction on a Friday night at the bar. Additionally by communicating individuals can exchange knowledge with other workmates, share their experiences and most importantly develop themselves through working.

Satisfying Aspects of Work

In many workplaces worldwide, an individual’s life revolving around work can be very tedious, repetitive like a work machine, and even at times highly stressful. However on the positive...
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