Why We Work

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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In one way or another, all people around the world work for the ultimate purpose of seeking a better life. It is widely believed that people work solely for money. However, it is only one of the numerous important purposes of working, and oftentimes there is a lot of benefits that people obtain from working without even consciously realizing them. Nowadays, except for money, people still work for many reasons, including to understand and fulfill their responsibilities in society, to avoid wastefulness, and to keep their minds active. For many people, the biggest benefit of working lies in a priceless lesson of responsibility. Through working, people learn how to be responsible, first to themselves, then to their families and the society. If working is all about money, why even kids from well-off families, Bill Gate’s for example, bother going to work even though they are guaranteed a wealthy future life whatsoever? It is because they want to be responsible for their own lives, to live on their labor, not on their parents’ fortune. Next, working gives them a strong sense of responsibility for their family and society. Family life is happiest when all members share family work and together contribute to make it a more comfortable and harmonious life. Likewise, a country is most prosperous when every citizen contributes their part to make it thrive. Another important reason that makes people look for job is to understand the importance of producing property and avoid wastefulness. As a matter of fact, not working leads to indolence; indolence facilitates spending and extravagance. People who don’t work at all have nothing to keep themselves busy, hence often indulge in expensive entertainment, lavish shopping, and so on. Understanding this fact, many people, even privileged ones, choose to work to stay away from wastefulness, and to be helpful. In short, working, or living on what they created teaches them not only the value of labor and property, but also the...
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