Why Parents Should Let Their Children Make Their Own Choice

Topics: Puberty, Adolescence, Following Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Generation gap is an extremely serious matter. The debate between young and older people on who make better choices in life seems to go on forever. This has lead to interferences from adults in their children’s daily activities. Nonetheless, most teenagers remain confident in their ability to decide on necessary topics despite the lack of trust from their parents. Consequently, in the following passage, we are going to focus on three significant factors why parents should allow their older teenage children to make important decisions on their own. To begin with, dealing with matters by themselves promotes an attitude of independency. Teenage children need to be self-reliant since there will certainly be a point in life when assists from parents come to an end. Therefore, by loosening the grip on their children’s business, parents can transform them into a strong person who is capable of coping with any upcoming problems. On the other hand, those whose life and actions are organized by their parents are likely to experience challenges on what they should do in the future when no one is there to protect them. Secondly, older children should follow their own opinions simply because they may have personal ideas and perspectives that contrast from their parents’. In other words, they are the ones who know what suit them more than anyone can. For example, before graduating from high school, teenagers may have already picked the desired college that they would like to pursue their study further. In addition, choices should be made in accordance with individuals’ hobbies and interests, as well. This will surely cut down the remorse feeling that could possibly happen if the decisions are not properly chosen. Last and most importantly, youngsters in the modern era have enough ability to decide independently. In their academic study, children are exposed to numerous lessons on how to live a proper life. For instance, the discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of...
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