Why Leadership Is Important

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  • Published : August 18, 2010
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In our severely competitive world today, leadership skills are so essential to any growing business. For example, we can see some outstanding leaders of great firms like Steve Job from Apple or Bill Gates from Microsoft. So how to define what leadership ship is? Leadership is characterized by planning, directing people to achieve the target. If you are an entrepreneur, the role of leadership plays an important part because your employees lean on you how to build a better business. A good leader make workers understand what is expected of them and how to work more smoothly and thus more efficiently by staying focused on business goals, decreasing lost time and effort; most important of all, most workers are much more comfortable and even "happier" at their jobs with good leadership( James). A good leader also should follow Business ethics; that means running a business ethically is good for business as well as for society. In my opinion, associating ethics in business is very important because a business that behaves ethically will be a model for other businesses and their associates to behave ethically as well. A good leadership may be influenced by a person’s world view and inner maturity. A world view reflects about the world, viewpoint of life, a comprehensive system of beliefs. A person's worldview is affected by many factors such as by their inherited characteristics, background experiences and life situations, the values, attitudes, and habits they have developed, however these vary from one person to another.  Therefore, even though some parts of a worldview are shared by many people in a community, other parts differ for individuals.  A person’s world view can influence the ability to lead. If the worldview is shared more by people, leadership skills become more effectively and vice versa.      Self awareness, as...
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