Why Laeder Fail and How to Succeed Motorola's Former Ceo Christopher B. Galvin and Edward Zander

Topics: Leadership, Management, Bob Galvin Pages: 10 (2985 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Executive summaryii
Chapter I. Introduction1
Chapter II. Motorola's Background (1928-2005)1
Chapter III. The Problem Why Leaders Fail - Christopher B. Galvin2
Chapter IV. How to be successful again - Edward Zander5
Chapter V. Conclusion7

This article discussed the reasons why leader fail by studying Motorola's former leaders. Christopher B. Galvin was Motorola's chief executive officer from 1999 to 2003. As third generation of Galvin family, Christopher inherited the leadership of a huge corporation that was profoundly troubled by market place shifts and changing technology. His indecisive personality made an major mistake by keeping the company focused on wrong strategy. Edward Zander , took over Motorola from 2004 until 2008, ending a three generation reign of Galvin family. Edward Zander brought success back to Motorola by applying his great leadership and management skills. This article concluded four main mistakes that those failed leader made in the past, in addition, analysis the reasons why Zander success and pointed out four guidelines to follow.

Executive summary
Many companies fail because of the leader's poor leadership. The purpose of this article is aimed at finding the reason that cause some leaders succeed and others fail by looking into Motorola's leadership case. Motorola had dominated the industry until Nokia took over its place in 1996. The major decline of Motorola's market share happened right before the sudden promotion of Christopher B. Galvin. Galvin's wrong decision had kept the company focused on the wrong technology. His personality was slow, cautious, and hesitant. Even he had delegated responsibility toward his subordinates, however, lack of communication with his followers unclear the company's vision. He sat by while company was losing money and failed to deliver his promises to stakeholders. Galvin and other leaders' mistakes are classified into four main parts: (1) not seeing current reality, (2) not discovering opportunity, (3)not explaining vision or convincing others to follow, and (4) fail when implementing change.

While Motorola was struggling with its business in 2003. Edward Zander inspired the company with a new leadership style and new organizational culture after he became the new CEO. Unlike Galvin, Zander faced the challenges squarely and had the discipline to confront the most brutal facts about the current reality. He grabbed the opportunity by developing unique products. Interacting closely with his clients and employees also explains the Zander's new vision clearly. Under Zander, Motorola reported five consecutive quarters of increasing revenue. This article provided few guidelines that make a leader success. (1) understanding current reality, (2) identifying opportunities ,(3) explain the idea clearly, and (4) implementing change with excellent skills. To conclude, by paying attention to those mistakes which made by failed leaders and following the guidelines presented above, people can understand the way to be a successful leader. Chapter I. Introduction

Why do companies fail? You may find lots of reasons explaining their failures. However, there is the only one critical reason that matters the most: poor leadership. Those people who lead their company are among the brightest stars of business world. They graduated from Ivy League university, or world's most selective and demanding schools. They are all unique, selected by thousand of candidates. Yet after few years or even few months, their company crashed. Factories were shut down, employees were laid off, the stock price were plunged and hundreds of millions dollars were wasted. How is this possible? How can these leaders fail so fast? Leadership failures is the reason why a company failed; however, it could also be a opportunity for us to learn from their mistake and maybe we can prevent another business disaster in the future. This article...
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