Why It Is Important to Be Able to Work as a Part of a Team When Working with Children and Their Families?

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  • Published : June 7, 2011
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A team is a group of people who work together to meet the aims of their establishment – for example, a day nursery with the aim of providing care for an early years group (Bruce & Meggitt, 2006). As cited by Katzenbach and Smith (1993) in Effective Health Care Manager (2003), a team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves accountable. Many early childhood practitioners are required to work together with colleagues in a team even those who are employed as a nanny in a private home which is operating in a team with the family (Bruce & Meggitt, 2006). Other people work in a multi-disciplinary team. The team will consists of a doctor, police officer, teacher, social worker and sometimes even a parent who may attend a case conference on a child at risk (Bruce & Meggitt, 2006). Teamwork is something that must be a high priority and a given a lot have attention. Every person needs to understand how important it is for them to work smoothly together if they want to be successful. Each member must be dedicated to the whole team and be willing to act unselfishly. When challenges arise the team needs to have the resources, and commitment to deal with them in a positive way. Team help in increasing commitment in an organisation or centre (Sperry, 2003). For a team to be successful certain teamwork skills need to be adopted. The most important skills for a successful teamwork include: •Listening

While working with children and their families the above skills are really important. According to Limbrick (2002), an affective ‘team around the child’ requires a co-ordinated, multi-agency team approach which involves all the professionals and parents coming together to share information, plan services and review progress. That is why the above...
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