Why Is Contributing Important

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Why effective communication is important in the work setting?

Good communication is an essential part of working with children and adults in the early years setting. There are many reasons for effective communication as well as its important in work setting. To express needs and feelings:

All of us need to express feelings, this reminds me of what ‘Tassoni.P’ (2010) said that ‘as humans we are emotional beings’. I agree with this statement because every human needs to show their feelings and emotions.

When a member of staff or a parent smile at each other that could be a way of saying ‘hello’ and being polite and nice to each other and also to show respect. I apply this statement in my setting to the children that they can express their feelings, needs and emotions.

Once I gave a sticker as a reward to child (A) for helping me out in tidying up the classroom, then he started clapping and smiling which expressed his feelings of joy, however child (B) was trying to turn on the tap but somehow she couldn’t do it and her facial expression showed that she was confused and asked for my help.

Building relationships
In early years setting the interaction between a member of staff and children is an opportunity to develop positive relationship. The setting where I am working has a number of multicultural background children and their first language isn’t English , some of them need special needs and help so It is necessary to speak to them in simple language either verbal or non-verbal ,these strategies are helpful to build a good relationship among the teacher and the children for example; engage children one to one , face to face interaction . There is also one important element for building relationship with the children is that to listen to them and encourage them to listen. I read on ‘www.buildingrelationship.com’ on the 5th of feburary 2013 that affectionate behaviour which...
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