Why Eat Green?

Topics: Suffering, Vegetarianism, Meat Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Barbara Diaz
Mr. Walsh
Honors English 11, 4th hour
December 17, 2012
Most people do not think about the fact that the meat in their hamburger deluxe combo was once a tortured animal, the ribs they ate the other week was once an abused pig in a tiny crate, or that the chicken they bought from KFC was drugged and bred so large to the point where it could not even walk. This is reality. This is what occurs behind the curtain. This is what fast food commercials do not mention. That happy farm with blue skies and large pastures is only a reality in children’s storybooks. The truth is; if slaughterhouses were made out of glass windows, everyone would be a vegetarian, especially if you compared that to a greenhouse. It is sickening to see people get so much joy from so much suffering. Being a vegetarian allows one to quit taking part in such cruelty and help make the world a better place for ALL living beings. Being a vegetarian lessens the pain and suffering of animals. Being a vegetarian assures you that you are constantly saving a life. One of the best parts is that being a vegetarian not only helps the animals, but it also helps the environment, and improves your health.

Who knew that lessening the suffering of animals could also save the planet? Being a vegetarian saves land, energy, and water. This is because raising livestock requires land to grow grain to feed them, energy to harvest and transport it, water for the grain to grow and for the animals, and involves the use of pesticides. Also going meatless decreases the amount of energy needed for cooking. So by switching to a meatless diet, you are reducing pollution and strengthening the planet. Apparently eating green and being green come hand in hand.

Going meatless not only prevents pain for the animals, but it will also prevent you the pain caused by diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Becoming a vegetarian will decrease your chances of getting these diseases, decrease your...
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