Why Do I Choose Utp

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Why do I choose UTP? Will UTP gives what I want for the future? Maybe, students ask both of these questions before they choose UTP to pursue their studies. How do I know about their doubts? Because I also do feel the same and think about the same thing. Anyway, before I answer these questions, let me give brief details about my own self. I’m Farah Wahidah binti Mazlan, born on May, 18 1990, in Tawau, Sabah. My first education was at Methodist Girls Primary School. For secondary school, I went for two schools, which are Methodist Girls Secondary School and Kluang High School. To me, school time was the best time I have ever gone through my whole life. I have learnt more about social life, how to cope with the surroundings, which has made me more mature and more confident, but, I know that I will experience more when I go through university life. Finally yet importantly about myself is that, I really enjoy reading, any kind of books, from any genre. I also love to compose short stories about human lives, especially about the adolescence. Thanks to my parents as they always encourage me on this ‘writing’ hobby. I really hope that this hobby could give some benefit on me, maybe some ‘side income’ for my future.

Praise to the Almighty, I have received many offers from universities, both locals and privates universities, including UTP. However, after I made some judgments and comparisons between the universities, I finally make up my mind that I will further my studies in UTP. As I mentioned earlier, the two questions come to my mind, and my answers to the questions are simple. I know that UTP is the best and will serve the best for all the students. UTP also ‘produce’ high quality students in every aspects, mentally, socially and spiritual. Besides, all the graduates from UTP are highly recommendable and are guaranteed to get jobs form big companies especially PETRONAS, SHELL, EXXON MOBIL and many more.

I already...
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