People Attend College or University for Many Different Reasons

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Nowadays, more and more high school students would like to attend college or university carrying their own desires. Some believe in their increased knowledge or new experiences they may achieve when studying here whereas others hope this would bring them a good opportunity to prepare for a future job. From my own point of view, all these three reasons greatly motivate many students to pursue university study.

To begin with, the hope of increasing knowledge when studying in college or university seems to be the first urging factor to high-school students. Learning in an academic environment with highly-equipped facilities, students can have easier access to broaden their knowledge in some specialized fields. Moreover, the supervision from experienced teachers and professors in universities is undeniably so valuable to help students learn better than learning on their own.

Secondly, fresh students are also attracted by the thought that they can experience new things in the campus life. During the years in the university, students can involve in a variety of society activities like voluntary ones besides study. In addition, the experiences when they take on a part-time job are also precious to them when they learn to work and deal with different relationships. These are undoubtedly helpful for students’ maturity and good preparation for their future jobs.

Last but not least, career preparation seems to be the most motivating reason to students’ choice of attending university. With the increased knowledge and new experiences they can get when studying here, it is reasonable for them to dream about a good job after graduation. A student with a good university diploma is surely more attractive in employers’ eyes than one without any certificate. In other words, students will have a better chance to seek a desirable career in their future.

To sum up, all the reasons above somewhat affects students’ preference of studying in college or university that can be...
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