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Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Customer Pages: 8 (1570 words) Published: May 23, 2012
Yellow Submarine
Gourmet Fast-food Restaurant

Time Context:
Middle of March 2000
Point of View:
Paulo M. Lao
Central Problem:
Sudden decrease in sales due to declined customer traffic during the last 3 days. Statement of Objectives
Must Objectives:
Completely overhaul the marketing plan of Yellow Submarine. Want Objectives:
Formulate major initiatives for growth and long term survival of the business including: Introduction of new product lines
Market Penetration
Market Development Strategies
Areas of Considerations
Internal Environment
Good Location
Yellow Submarine is located at the Ortigas Center
a business district where many large and small corporations are situated home to class A residential condominiums and subdivisions
closest market is UA&P (University of Asia and the Pacific) which has a student population of 1,900 and still growing Close Proximity to UA&P
Approximately 150 meters from the backdoor entrance
Provides students with a venue to “kill-the-time” from long and short breaks Accessible place to meet friends and have a quick meeting for school projects Provides a respite from the humid and hot weather

Students would opt to have lunch nearby rather than pay for parking fees at the mall and other restaurants UA&P is a premier university that is why it has one of the highest tuition fees in country Students come from middle income to high income families with an average disposable allowance of around P100-P150/day. MARKET STUDY

Purchasing Decisions of Customers
Are influenced by attitudes, beliefs and emotions derived from the service product. Students highly consider other student’s perception of them Where they eat for lunch
Where they hang-out during lunch and breaks
What they have for lunch
Where they ate and where they will eat will give them enhanced appearance They would want to eat where the cool people eat and where they could be associated with the crowd eating there. This segment also wants to appear with more money impressive lifestyle and a trendsetter.

UA&P students as trendy young adults are curious of any openings and exciting happenings. Reasons for purchasing:
Curiosity or “Crowd Effect”
Filling a “Need”
Enhanced appearance
Genuine preferences for sandwiches, salads, pasta and soup
Health Consciousness
Healthier Food Alternative
There is a growing trend for slimmer bodies and healthier diets. Students are being offered a healthy alternative to lunch and snack meals, without sacrificing the need for Good Music
Nice Ambiance
Great Food
Students will prefer having a full meal below P100 with the same delight and filling experience.

Students belong to a larger group of friends
Group sizes may range from 3 to 12 members
Groups could easily occupy a table for 4 easily
Once a group has developed a liking to the place they would consider it as a regular hang-out to meet and eat with friends, after carefully considering:
Special Offers
Food Quality
Ambiance/ Store Décor
Customer Service
Students could go there as much as 3 times a week or at least once every two weeks As surveyed, Wednesday is the day where there are long breaks
This day is reserved for UA&P’s organization meetings and activities.

Seasonal Demand With Students as a primary target market (UA&P) Demand will fluctuate due to school season such as
Opening classes
Term paper seasons
Midterms and Final Exams
Other school events
Nearest Popular Competition
Establishments at Pearl 8101

Coffee California
Australian Deli Shop
Bottomless Grill
Restaurants providing alternative food choices for Delivery
Slice of Meat (Deli Sandwiches)
Brother’s Burger (Hamburgers)
Little Caesar’s (Pizza)
Thai-in-a-Box (Thai Food)
Sit-in Restaurants that capture a lot of customers during Lunch Time KSP Bar and Grill...
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