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The University of Illinois provides its students with a myriad of study spaces. Some of these are

close to spaces inhabited by students, whereas others have dedicated establishments on campus.

Although it may seem these spaces have been established solely for the purpose of academic

learning, they also exhibit features that enhance social interactivity among students and provide

entertainment value to them.

The undergraduate library, located south of the main quad, is laid out on two levels.

The lower level is used for quiet study purposes whereas the upper level is used for group and

research projects. The lower level consists mainly of individual study desks which students use

to work without being distracted. Students also have access to a vast collection of references and

journals to aid them with their work. On the other hand, the research level of the library consists

of gaming stations, a computer lab and many seating areas. Each study table has up to six

seats, around which students gather to work collaboratively on their assignments. Students can

also loan out video games and other technology items to use at the computer labs and gaming

stations. Sometimes, students gather around and host multiplayer gaming tournaments which last

several hours. Students often lounge in one of the many armchairs located near magazine racks,

engaging in conversation with others nearby.

The research level also has many group study rooms which students generally use as mini

classrooms and to work on group assignments. These rooms are also used to work on projects

that involve media production and editing. The library is also connected to a café, which enables

students to grab their caffeine requirements and socialize at the same time without having to

leave the building. The undergraduate library is a popular attraction among students as it is

located close to freshman residence halls and is open round the clock on weekdays.

Other than the library, the Lincoln Avenue Residence main lounge is a favorite location

for many to study due to its huge size, close proximity to dorm rooms, comfortable atmosphere

and relaxing environment. The lounge has a thirty feet high ceiling, a grand piano, fireplaces

and many study areas. Each corner of the lounge has a study table, a few armchairs and sofas.

In the center is a round table, which students use for conferences and collaborative assignments.

Students can put in long hours of work here, without any time constraints and the concern of

being away from their residences.

Academic purposes apart, LAR residents consider their lounge to be one of the best

places to hang out. The fireplaces are great spots to hold a casual conversation, and there’s

always someone playing the grand piano. When not studying, residents challenge each other to

board games, puzzles and other activities. Many community activities such as meetings, movie

showings and competitions take place in the lounge. The lounge is the center of attraction for the

LAR residence hall as residents can work, relax and be entertained at the same time.

Apart from libraries and lounges, the Courtyard Café, on the first level of the Illini Union

provides students and faculty with a central location on campus to study, relax and socialize.

The café mostly contains round tables, at which students can be found chatting, working or

enjoying a drink from one of the many shops in the Union. Not only students, but professors

also spend a considerable amount of their free time in the café, meeting up with their students

or peers. Students choose the Courtyard Café over other locations as it is conveniently located,

and remains quiet for most of the day. The café is used for purposes of studying in an informal

environment, without the regular hustle and bustle of regular campus spots. Power plugs are

conveniently located...
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