Why Do We Read a Book

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What Does PG-13 MeanWhat Does PG-13 Mean?
I am an international student. When I come to the America, everything was fresh and surprised. Especially, going to a movie theater was very impressed for me. While I was waiting to begin a movie, I was looking at movie posters that were displayed at the theater. At that moment, I discovered some abbreviations, such as R, G, and NC-17. If you had been born in the United States, you already knew what these were abbreviations of, but others who from other states couldn’t know what mean abbreviations. These meaning of abbreviations are rating symbols of movie. In the America, rating of movie can be divided up into five parts, but I will explain five parts to contract as three parts. There are three parts of rating symbol of movie: G, PG and PG-13, and R and NC-17.

The first part of rating is G. These are abbreviation of General Audiences. All ages can be admitted to watch movie of this rating. G movie’s character is that this movie uses polite conversation as no strong word, shows depictions of violence as weak as show only funny sound or pictures instead express like a truth. Universal movies of rating as G are The Lion King, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo. You perhaps felt that all almost rating of G movies are animations, give audiences life lesson and emotion.

The second part of rating is PG and PG-13. It is reason why I put them together because their meaning is similar. PG is abbreviation of Parental Guidance suggested, so we can guess what does PG-13’s mean? It means that parents strongly cautioned about what some material may be inappropriate for under 13. PG movies include some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity, and PG-13 movies add adult activities or elements from the PG movie, but it doesn’t reach R category. Universal movies of rating as PG are UP, Spirited Away, and Shrek, and universal movies of rating as PG-13 are 10 Things I hate about you, Jaws, and Coraline....
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