Children in the Ring

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Children in the Ring

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the world’s largest wrestling promotion and contains a substantial amount of professional wrestling history. The WWE has been apparent from the 1950’s to present day and the Chairman and CEO is Vince McMahon. The WWE relies on audience entertainment to continue as a business and make money. McMahon’s organization has been targeting kids for years with toys, board games, video games, magazines, and even the internet. The marketing to children has increased in recent years and the WWE even reduced the television show from a PG-13 rating to PG. This seems unethical to many people, especially parents because they believe the WWE is exposing violence to children. The WWE has made big strides to make the events more kid friend and provided several warnings. This makes some adult fans feel alienated and the WWE is losing valuable customers. Making an ultimate challenge for the WWE to try and create a new fan base with children and maintain the adult viewers.

The WWE has always advertised and marketed towards children. The WWE has a variety of toys and activities for children. They even have a magazine called WWE KIDS magazine and website called Both of these use bright colors and cartoons, which are obvious ways to grab children’s attention. They have a toy for every wrestler, which can cost between twenty to thirty dollars. The WWE has even found their way into the video game world. With all of this marketing toward children the WWE average viewer was still thirty five years old. In the summer of 2008 the WWE changed the television rating to PG because the marketing strategies toward children were not working well enough. This is because many parents would not let their children watch the WWE on television because the inappropriate things it provided. These included violence, bra and panties matches, wrestlers getting sexual favors, and bikini contests. Since the rating has been reduced...
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