Tough Guise

Topics: Abuse, Psychological abuse, Child abuse Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: March 3, 2008
"Tough Guise"

Through watching this short documentary I have learned and acknowledged how we are so easily influenced and shaped through a variety of things: family, community and media. Numerous kids around the world learn at an early age to put on a so called "front" or "guise" to show only the certain parts and qualities that a tough guy possesses. At the beginning there was a clip where young boys defined being manly as: being tough, powerful, athletic, muscular, and stud. If you did not fit into this category then the names that you were associated with were: wimp, fag, and sissy. The family and community have a huge part in shaping kids this way, but the biggest influence in the media/ television. For example, kids view Latinos or Mexicans as boxers and Asians as martial artists or even as criminals. This gives them an image of male dominance, power, and also control.

Another bit that I thought was interesting was the amount of change action figures went through in fifty years. Fifty years ago the G.I. Joe's and the wrestling dolls were kind of like bean poles, and then progressively through the years you see the biceps, chest, and abs getting bigger on the doll. So instead of looking soft in the earlier days, the doll's imagining is hardening up and looking tougher. This also ties into the wrestling that you now see on your television. If you put it back another fifty years ago just like the action figures, professional wrestlers used to be fat, flabby, and out of shape looking. Now push time forward and you see wrestlers being enormous, ripped, and looked like they eat steroids for candy. They look like modern day warriors, which buries an imagine into little kids minds and possibly might drive one to reenact that wrestlers moves upon another person cause injury or harm.

Violence is another thing that males are accountable for these days. Studies and surveys show that men are responsible for murder, assault, domestic violence,...
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