"Should teenagers be allowed in R-rated films?"

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  • Published: March 30, 2004
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this was an outline for a speech:

Topic: "Should teenagers be allowed in R-rated films?"

Purpose statement: The purpose of this speech is to persuade or reinforce that teenagers ages 14 and up should be allowed in R-movies without

an adult.

Capture Statement: Imagine this; you're at the movies with your friends and you're waiting in line to buy a ticket. As you approach the salesbooth

and tell the ticket holder which movie you wan tto see, he informs you that he cannot sell youna ticket because you need an

adult to see an R-rated movie, seeing as how you're only 14. Now you're a little upset because you were really looking

forward to seeing this movie that everyone has been raving about, and you definately do not want to see a movie with your


Introduction: This may have happened to a few of you, and as an alternative you are forced to buy a ticket to a PG-13 movie and sneak into the R

movie. Now I don't know about all of you, but i personally believe that teenagers ages fourteen and up should be able to see an R-film

without a parent.

I. should be able to because..

A. We are young adults, getting ready to enter the real world

1. If adults don't believe that teenagers can simply handle a movie, then how do they trust we'll make it int he real world?

B. We are mature enough to deal with situatuons portrayed in R-rated films.

II. This policy is a waste of time

A. As I mentioned earlier, most teens find a way to sneak into the R-movie they want to see.

B. Even if teens are unsuccessful at sneaking in the theatre, they'll be able to either rent it or watch it on HBO or another movie channel.

III. This policy is taken too far and too seriously

A. The movie theatre i usually go to with friends, Menlo Park, will actually sometimes place guards at the door of a newly released R-rated film

too prevent teens getting in without an adult.

B. Example- One time, i was at the movies with my friends and we...
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