Immune System and Operation Clean Sweep

Topics: Immune system, Antibody, Immunology Pages: 4 (1482 words) Published: November 9, 2012
1. The mercenary camp was in the Motaba River Valley of Zaire was bombed to stop the virus from spreading. 2. No I would have removed all the people and disinfected all of them so the virus would stay in the forest and nobody would die. 3. Sam Daniels and his crew were sent out to the Motaba Valley because there was a level 4 virus. 4. The conditions in the Motaba valley were sad, smoky, poor and there were dead people everywhere. 5. The symptoms of the mystery disease at Motaba Valley were blistering everywhere, sever headaches and bleeding from every orifice. 6. No the virus that caused the mystery disease at Motaba Valley was not airborne. 7. A. The tribesman’s explanation of why the disease was affecting the tribe was because it was the gods punishment for cutting down the rain forest. B. No I don’t think the explanation makes any sense because mother nature couldn’t be happy with the loss of the plants and forest. 8. They wore thick space suits and multiple airlocks, ultra violet light rooms and workers must be intensely trained. 9. The virus got to the U.S. by the monkey that Jimbo traveled with from the forest. 11. The electron microscope shows about the Motaba virus in Kidney cells, and it showed it was invaded, multiplied and killed the cells. 12. Jimbo is the owner of the infected monkey, and the monkey with the virus kills many people. 13. Rudy is the store owner of the animal store, and she is around these animals all the time. 14. Robby tried to find out if Jimbo had any contact with animals or how he got sick before he died. 15. A. Jimbo got infected by the virus by a monkey spitting on his mouth. B. Rudy got infected by the monkey scratching him.

c. Jimbo’s girlfriend Alice got infected by kissing Jimbo. D. Henry got infected by blood splattering on him.
E. People at the movie theatre got infected by being coughed on by someone with virus. F. Robby got infected by being stabbing herself with the needle. G. Casey got...
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