Why Do Individuals Discriminate Against Others

Topics: Discrimination, Racism, Racial discrimination Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Why do individuals discriminate against others?
Verb:| 1. Recognize a distinction; differentiate. 2. Perceive or constitute the difference in or between.|
People discriminate because unfortunately we still live in a world of ignorance and uniformity. In some people’s minds if they do not understand something or it is different it make it wrong because it does not conform with what is ‘correct’. We may discriminate to make ourselves feel better about what is wrong with us or about our insecurity’s ‘urgh look at that girls nose its soo hideous thank god mines not like that’ may, if only for a short while make ourselves feel like the better person, even though this is not the case. Discrimination happens in all walks of life unfortunately from the child in the playground of ‘don’t talk to her she’s smelly’ to unfortunately more serious discrimination such as racial discrimination more common in adults ‘ polish people are all too thick to get proper jobs all their good for is cleaning’. In every case of discrimination it is nearly always to do with not understanding, if you were to sit down and be human enough to give your polish cleaner the time of day you would probably see that they had lead an interesting and diverse life and for the fact that they are willing to be a cleaner and work hard to get money shows that they are probably more intelligent than the English people who are too lazy to work hard for cash and would rather just sign on. Discrimination can happen to anyone; women getting paid less to conduct the same job as a man, mentally disabled people being discriminated against by people taking the micky, whatever it is we are all discriminated against in one way or another as no one is the same we are all unique and all carry traits whether we are born with them, develop them or have them imposed upon us due to life choices e.g teen pregnancies. Whatever the discrimination big or small we all do it, even...
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