Why Do Girls Get Higher Grades Than Boys?

Topics: Female, Male, Standardized test Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Why do girls get higher grades than boys?

Prepared by: Omar Al-Hajery
Prepared for: Nagi Al-Batal


A New study shows that girls get higher grades than boys

new study for the university of Georgia shows that girls get higher grades than boys, why ? do boys have other interests that do not involve studying? Or that boys are more apathetic than girls ?, it is known that psychologically males are different than females, but how do they differ when it comes to school and studying

girls get better grades in elementary school than boys-even when they perform worse on standardized tests, that means that boys might be smarter so they wouldn't need to study as much as girls do get the information, boys get higher grades in standardized test but they perform worse than girls in grades, it could also mean that boys memorize better than girls and do not need to study periodically to keep the information, while girls might lose information with time

Girls getting better grades 'to reward good behavior', Teachers award higher marks to girls than boys because they are better behaved in the classroom, according to a study, it means that boys might actually study as well as girls, but boys are less discipline than girls, boys might react more violently to the teacher as a reaction for dissatisfaction, which results in less grades for behavior, while girls react less violently and might just understand the teacher's judgment

I Believe that girls get higher grades than boys not because boys are less intelligent , it is because boys are more trouble-related or just apathetic, some of them think that school or studying would not help him in the future and is just ''a waste of time'', while that might actually be true in some cases, boys still need more understanding to reveal their true gifts

Conclusion: Each of the two sexes has their pros and cons, and still not all boys/girls have the same point of view or the same behavior

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