Why Computers Are Becoming More Popular?

Topics: Social network service, Windows Live, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: April 11, 2013
It is possible to say that we are in technology age. It can not be thought that people do not make use of technological advances. In todays world, there are computers in almost every home because todays life circumstances makes computers and internet compulsory. For instance, people who work and have limited free time can deal with their work stuff while waiting their flight time or people can organize conference with their colleagues via internet. As it is seen, computers and the internet are becoming a part of daily life day by day and they are becoming more popular. There are two main reasons why computers with their internet quality are becoming increasingly popular. To begin with, computers with their internet quality make people's daily life easier. First, thanks to the internet, communication is easier and cheaper than the past. In the past, when the internet was not widespread as much as today, communication was not easy. The only way to speak was phone calls but calling someone could be expensive especially out of the country calls. Fortunately, today almost all people have computer with the internet. By using Windows Live Messenger or Skype, people can call whoever they want. It is easy and there is no need to pay extra money. Also, by using Windows Live Messenger or Skype, people can make video calls. Thanks to these programs, people can see their friends or relatives who are far away from them. Secondly, by using computer, people can deal with their business transaction issues more easily. For example, people who work hard and do not have enough spare time can shop online. For online shopping, there is no need to so much time. People can shop online while doing their job. It gains people time. Also, people can buy online whatever they want even if the product does not exist on people's country. Furthermore, sometimes online shopping websites make a discount to their product to attract people's attention. Through these discounts, online shopper can be...
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