Why Be an Accountant Short Essay

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Through out my life I have been fascinated with calculating numbers and figures. Over years of career research I’ve found that being a Certified public accountant is a perfect fit for me. Being a CPA is much more than accounting. Being a CPA comes with having respect, prestige, job security, personal growth, and not to mention money and other benefits. Certified Public Accountants gain prestige and respect through their training and experience, their virtues, ethics, and character; which are all tested as well as their technical and academic proficiency. Being a CPA means that you must be professional, committed, and responsible which are trait I currently have and also traits I would like to build on. Not to mention, those are qualities that are valued at any business in today’s professional world. In addition to gaining valued skill sets being a CPA offers total job security. In today’s business there is always a need for accounts, so there will always be potential employers. Having found a job, the career of a CPA offers you even more. The skills I can acquire in my training to become a CPA will give me confidence in myself and my newfound abilities. The money and prestige I could gain would allow me to have the finer things in life. The job satisfaction I have will make a positive impression on my colleagues. By me being a bit shy, some confidence and prestige would allow me to make a new group of friends. That’s why I would like to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the country so I can Become a Certified Public Accountant, gain confidence.
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