Accountants and Writing

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Accountants and Writing
The article Improving Accounting Students’ Writing Skills is about how many accounting students don’t realize how much writing is truly involved with being an accountant. It also explains that communication skills are one of the five core competencies outlined in the CPA Vision Project, tested on the CPA exam, and demanded by employers. Due to advancements in technology, accountants are spending less time gathering, processing, and reporting information, and more time strategizing and interpreting information. In a recent study one third of employers are unhappy with accountants writing skills. The CPA Vision Project plans to improve accountants’ writing skills to further satisfy their employers’ needs. One of the core competencies, communication and leadership skills, is the ability to “give and exchange information within meaningful context and with appropriate delivery and interpersonal skills.” In order to achieve this vision, accounting classes need to begin to stress the importance of having good writing skills necessary to become a successful accountant.

This article is relevant to our class because it stresses the importance of having good writing skills. I think it is critical to realize that in order to impress your employer, it is essential to be skilled not only accounting concepts, but also in writing and communication. If accounting classes begin to stress the importance of good writing starting in high school, students will be able to develop satisfactory skills for their professional career in the future.

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