Career in Accounting

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  • Published : November 23, 2012
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Career in Accounting
Tammy Doll
Everest University Online

September 2012

Career in Accounting

I have always wanted a career in Accounting. I was always good in math and keeping things organized. Although it is not what my parents wanted for me. They wanted me to become a nurse. There are quite a few steps that I must take to become an accountant. Through minimal education requirements and continued education I will better myself and grow within my career.

As an Accountant I would have a multitude of responsibilities depending on what field that I decided to go in. There are several fields I could go into, Auditing in which I would go into a business or to an individual and do a complete audit on their financial history. There is a Budget Analysis career option in which I would be responsible for the financial plans of a business. Another career field would be Management Accounting which is basically running a business, deciding when and where to spend the money. The career that I would like to have in the accounting field would be to become a Certified Public Accountant. A certified public accountant is responsible for preparing and auditing annual financial statements. I would also be responsible for completing tax returns for businesses and personal income taxes. (Accounting coach, 2004-2012)

There are several things that I have to accomplish before I get my CPA. First I must get my Associates degree in accounting, which will allow me to get some experience. Then I will go for my bachelor’s degree. Just a bachelor’s degree in accounting is not enough to qualify for my CPA license. (Accounting coach, 2004-2012) I would need to have 150 college credits and also pass an ethics exam in order to sit for the CPA exam. Different states have different requirements to maintain my CPA license, but generally I would have to take so many higher education credits per year to recertify. To get...
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