Why Are We so Angry

Topics: FIFA World Cup Trophy, FIFA World Cup, Zinedine Zidane Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Causes of Anger

Probably the most memorable moment of the final match of World Cup 2006- the most prestigious soccer competition- was when Zidane, the captain of France, headbutted his opponent and he eventually got himself a red card. None of us knew what his opponent had done, or had said, to him that caused him to lose his temper and simply headbutted his opponent. No more World Cup trophy for Zidane, and no one was to be blamed. This shows how one’s loss of control often inflict anger which usually end up as a disadvantage to himself. Loss of control, along with loss of tolerance for inconvenience and the frustration caused by time, technology, and tension are the reasons which build up anger inside us.

The 3Ts, namely time, technology, and tension is the first reason Hales points out which causes anger. People, especially those who have worked, no longer feel that 24 hours a day is enough for them to finish whatever tasks they have in hands. With workloads that seem to pile up higher everyday, soon people have no clue how to balance their time between working and putting aside some time for personal leisure. The increasingly more advanced technology which is expected to make lives easier has in turn made it more difficult. People are more dependent on technology, and so they will get frustrated easily should the appliances fail to work for some reasons. We have seen a lot of cases of “computer irritations,” a situation where slow, inefficient computer systems have tested people’s patience and ended up in people slamming on the keyboard and banging the CPU. Moreover, the unreasonable expectations posed on people, added with the existing tension caused by technology and time eventually tensed up people’s minds and made them want to vent their accumulated anger to anyone, or anything, around them.

The fact that we have lost our sense of tolerance for even the tiniest disruption also becomes another reason why human get angry so easily. This “me...
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